Wall to wall

from Berlin to Ceuta

From the old Berlin Wall to the new fence of Ceuta in Africa, this road movie takes us across Europe and beyond. Many borders, but one axis: a melting-pot society, multicultural and rich through its diversities despite its rejection of traditions.
From North to South, Patrick Jean encounters men and women who have migrated all over the world, the people that this ‘new society’ is composed of, who are taking part in it with energy, generosity and good humor.
With his dark film « Might is Right » as the opposition to all traditional clichés, Patric Jean gives an optimistic, cheerful and yet oftentimes caustic look at Europe and Immigration.

Directed by: Patric Jean – Production: Black Moon Production, Ina – Coproduction: Espace international du FOREM, Wallonie Picture Production, Facem Repères, le CGRI, AWEX – With the support of France 2, la Procirep, l’ANGOA, l’ACSE, with the participation of CNC – 2007 Photo: Ludika Studio, Vincenzo di Marco

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