Masculine domination

Directed by: Patric Jean – Production: Elzevir Films, Black Moon Production – Coproduction: UGC Pictures, RTBF, Arte, Wallonie Picture Production, Iota Production – With the support of the  CNC and Euroimages, with the participation of Canal + – 2009

Can we believe, in the 21st Century, men could ask for a return of the ancestral patriarchal values? Women in the kitchen and men in power?
Could we envision the possibility of young and educated women looking for a « dominant companion »?
What should we think when some men endure surgery to increase the size of their penis as if they were buying a bigger car?
If these trends might, at first sight, appear marginal, this film shows us how frequently we neglect to practice what we preach. The illusion of equality hides a depth of daily inequalities that we’re not willing to see anymore. Each of us plays our own role.
At times funny, puzzling and sometimes dramatic, this film forces us to take position on a subject of which everyone seems to be holding a truth. Seen through a voluntary and provocative viewpoint, and combined with Director Patrick Jean’s playful use of ambiguity, Masculine Domination will makes you shiver.

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